Welcome to CaseyBarnes.org!

CaseyBarnes.org started as way to keep our out-of-town family and friends in the loop during our pregnancy. After Casey was born with many medical complications we continued to use her blog as a way to keep everyone up to date. We soon started to see other families like ours were also following our story.

In many ways Casey is a pioneer. Previously, kids as complex as her did not typically survive the extent of trauma that she experienced. As we learned many lessons (usually the hard way) we started to see many tools and resources simply did not exists.

Tim and I both have technical backgrounds and we decided to use our skills to try to make life a little easier for other families like ours. We now use this site to keep family and friends in the loop on all things Casey, but also we share on general special needs topics. We also built many features that offer tools and resources to make the day-to-day life of a special needs parent a little easier.