10 Years

I wasn’t sure if I was going to be able to make it through the day yesterday. It was Casey’s 10th birthday and her first birthday in heaven. Casey always loved her birthday and balloons. We couldn’t celebrate her birthday without including balloons. I would plan her parties for months and look forward to her excited little face as she got ready to see her friends. This year we had planned a sock hop. I hope she got to do lots of dancing yesterday, free of all of the limitations her body had here on this earth. I hope Elvis came and sang to her (she was a huge fan).

My heart was so full with each new picture or video that I saw of someone sending Casey birthday wishes. While it filled my heart, I couldn’t help but cry with most of them as well. I know she is happy, but these are the types of things I would sit next to her on the sofa and show her on her iPad. I’m sure she saw them all and had a full day collecting all of the balloons that came her way. It was just really hard not having her here to celebrate with us.

Someone sent us 2 elephant balloons to include in our release. There was no note so we are not sure who to thank, but they were so cute. Thank you to whom ever sent them. I am sure she loved them.

Some of Casey’s friends (and our friends- their parents) came over to do the balloon release with us in the backyard (Casey’s favorite place). I am so glad that they came to join us. Having the kids laughing and swimming and enjoying the beautiful day was a perfect distraction for us. It really was a perfect day, one Casey would have loved.

We are still receiving more pictures and videos. We’ll wait a few more days to be sure we have them all before putting a montage together. You can see a lot that were shared on Casey’s Facebook Page. We’ll share the final/complete montage here in the next few days.

Thank you so much to everyone that participated. It means a lot to me to see how many people love and were thinking of our baby girl. We were so lucky to be her parents for nearly 10 years. I can’t begin to tell you all how proud we are of her and the lives she touched.

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