16 Pounds and Growing!

Casey has passed the 16 pound mark. In the past couple weeks she has really been having a growth spurt. She passed 16 a couple days ago and is still going strong. She is getting really long too. When Tim holds her up on his shoulder her feet are already down to his waist. She is going to be so much taller than me.
One of Casey’s friends, Gavin, turned one and had his party this morning. We took Casey for a little while. She did really good. The party was outside and she liked hanging out in the fresh air. Tim got Casey and I a nice porch swing to sit in for Mother’s day, and we are trying to get her out into the fresh air a little more. She seems to like it, but the wind makes her tear up a little. Gavin’s grandmother’s had not seen Casey sine we were in the hospital and they were very impressed with how big and strong she looks. Gavin seemed to be having a great time too. He was all done up in pirate clothes and had a very cute pirate cake. He did a great job tearing into his piece.
Yesterday Casey’s Feeder Seat came. We put her in it a few times yesterday just to get her used to it. She seems to like it. It comes in different sizes and we ordered the medium. She may have fit in the small, but she would be out of it with in a few weeks so we figured she would get more use out of the medium. It’s a little big, but she can use it and will be able to grow into over time. You can choose blue, red, teal or purple (no pink). We picked the purple one.
Casey really enjoyed the cranial session we had last week. I set it up to be weekly, but this week was canceled due to the therapists having a rash she did not want to rick passing to Casey. We will go back for session 2 next week. Cathleen (Casey’s nurse aka best friend) came to sit with her on Thursday so Tim and I could go out for my big 3-0. When we got home Cathleen commented on how Casey seemed much more relaxed. I have no idea how the stuff works, but Casey really does respond well to it.
We are in the process of getting Casey’s eye appointment scheduled, and then right after we will start doing weekly vision therapy. Hopefully we will get her in for the initial appointment in the next couple of weeks. Her case worker has been out sick so we have not been able to get much done. Hopefully she will recover over the long weekend and we can really make progress starting Tuesday.
Not this week, but next Casey will have someone come out to look into doing audio therapy as well. This is done through the school district and we don’t really know much about this at all. I have no idea if this would also become a weekly therapy, monthly, etc. I don’t know if this would be done in our home, a center, who knows. Casey has a follow up hearing test, but they are way backed up so we won’t be going in for the test until August. I am interested to see what happens with the audio therapist coming out, but I really have no expectations since I have no idea what is even involved.
That’s about it for now. Casey is resting from a busy morning of parting. Her and Tim have a big UFC fight coming on in a few hours so she has to get her rest in now. We hope everyone is doing well. We’ll post more later.
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