Amazing Kids

Over the past nearly 2 years now I have had the privilege of meeting many amazing children. In some of the hospitals and clinics I have been amazed by children’s strength. In addition to the amazing children that amaze me with their fights I have also met many children that amaze me with their generosity and good nature.

As you grow up you often hear people criticizing one superficial thing after another. But with kids, they love and accept everyone so honestly. We have had so many situations where adults have stared and said really dumb things when we are suctioning Casey in public or dealing with what ever. Then minutes later I see a small child coming up to just tell Casey hello or try to hold her hand. These are kids we have never met. I wish there were a way to keep a child’s open mind, it is really uplifting to see gestures like these.

That being said, I want to say a very special thank you to Julianna. Some friends that Tim grew up with have a little girl that just had a birthday. She told her mother that instead of gifts this year that she wanted to help Casey. She asked all of her little friends to put money towards helping Casey instead of getting her presents on her special day. Her mother called and asked if it would be okay and told us that it was all Julianna’s idea. Amazing.

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