Back to Normal

Things are finally settling down a bit for us. Casey has gotten through most of her doctor appointments. It seems like all of February we were just in go-go-go mode.

We went a couple weeks with just Monday and Friday nursing after we let our mid-week nurse go. Last week we started training a new nurse to cover the mid-week shifts. She worked Tuesday and Wednesday last week. This is her schedule for March then in April she will pick up Thursdays too. So far it is going well. She is getting the hang of suctioning and Casey’s sounds. No one gets all of Casey’s needs on the first day. She is doing well, and Casey seems to like her. Today is her first day where I try to stay near by, but let her run the show.

This is spring break week in Austin. All of Casey’s home therapies are through the school so she has a pretty lite week. Her water therapist went on vacation too. The only thing on Casey’s schedule all week is her OT at Dell later today. It will be the new nurses first car trip with Casey too. The car is always a big deal. Casey still HATES the car.

We have been working really hard to get the bathroom renovation started. Tim and I had to pick out and buy all the tiles, paint, fixtures, counter, sink, window, etc. We have most of it bought and the rest we are working to finish up this week. The construction crew is set to start on Monday. Tim is planning to get a head start on the demo over the weekend. I guess as soon as he starts Casey and I will move upstairs and stay out of the way until it is done.

We have set the house up so that all of Casey’s stuff is downstairs. Her nurses have never even been upstairs. It is going to be a little cramped to have us all in my little bedroom/office area for a few weeks. It will all be worth it though. I can not wait until the shower is done.

Casey goes back to her busy schedule next week. All of her therapies are back in place. She has the cleft clinic on Monday (I am actually kind of excited to hear what they have to say). Again, Casey is not cleft, she just has some pallet deformities. Tuesday is her ARD (school services review). We will find out if she gets to start her “school” stuff next year or if we wait another year. Her school will still be at home. Casey’s school stuff will add 4 hours a week of someone coming in working with her. For her it will be a lot like additional home therapy sessions. It will very likely be her vision teacher. Casey loves her vision teacher. Then Wednesday Casey has ortho. It is possible she will get new AFOs this year. I don’t expect any big changes from the ortho clinic. They like to just check her spine and general physical development every 6 months or so.

We are planning our trip to Morgan’s Wonderland. I can not wait to see Casey’s face. I think she is really going to like this trip. The park officially opens on 4/10/10. Anyone out there with special needs kids (or adults) should check it out if you have not already. This park is such a great idea.

I think that is about it for now. We will post some pictures as we get the renovation going. As always, we hope everyone is well.

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