Back to School

Our school district started back up today. We talked with Casey’s teachers and decided it would be best to avoid the craziness of the first day. The plan was for Casey to start back tomorrow. I just got off the phone with her teacher though, and her teacher has gotten sick. Instead of trying to get a sub for the first day (that would not know Casey) we decided to wait until next week for Casey to start back to school.

A few extra days actually works out well. Casey had a GI appointment this morning (she is up to 31.8 pounds now). After we took Casey to pick out some school clothes. She found a few things that were okay, but the one outfit she really wanted was not in her size. When I told her she could not have it she was so upset. She refused to even look at anything else. I ordered it when we got back home. Maybe since we won’t start school tomorrow it will be here in time for her to wear it on her first day back. She is such a little fashionista. Her usual look is purple and/or pink. Every now and then she throws me off though. Last year she had to have a blue dress. I think even today that is the only blue thing she has ever picked. Today it was camo. She had to have a green (traditional camo) tutu with a graphic tee. I guess since they were all out of her size she is not the only one that wants it. She makes me laugh sometimes.

We have a couple of new switches we are trying out. A few extra days at home should give us some time to get a better idea on if we like them or not too.

I will post some pictures next week of Casey going back to school. We are going to start with 4 hours a week and build to the 6 hour weekly total. I am not sure how we will split them up. We will wait and see how Casey responds. Until then, have a great rest of the week 🙂

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