Busy Girl

Yesterday Casey had a play date. Her friend Anjali came over with her mom, Rhitu, for a little while. I of course did not think to grab the camera. Casey seemed to have a good time. Anjali was so sweet, she would show Casey the toys. When we suctioned Casey she wanted to help her. It was very cute and very sweet. It is so funny how much kids change in such short time periods. We saw Anjali a while back (maybe a year) and she was quiet and shy and then yesterday she was so chatty and just funny. Hopefully they can come over to play again soon.

Casey has water therapy today. Then tomorrow she has Isaiah coming by to play.

We have been training a new nurse this week (Michelle). She is really sweet. The sad thing is that once she is trained she is leaving us. She is just with us for a few weeks and then she goes back to her normal job as a school nurse. We should have some more candidates come out this week and next. I really hope we find a good full time person soon. I look forward to getting back to a normal schedule.

That’s pretty much it for right now. As always we hope everyone is doing well.

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