Busy Girl

Casey had a busy week last week. On Monday she had a couple of therapies. Tuesday she and I went swimming. On Wednesday she had therapy and then that evening her stander showed up.

On Thursday her nurse was here. Us girls drove loaded up Casey’s new chair and headed down to my old company. Casey wanted to show it off and say thanks again. I wish we could go see everyone that contributed and thank you all in person. Please know if we could we would.

I took a couple of pictures while we were there, but like a dummy I somehow deleted them before they got up loaded. I will get some new pictures to load soon. Casey has been doing great in her chair. She still has her moments when she refuses, but she is coming around.

We had hoped to visit the office later in the afternoon, but our plans got a little messed up. Casey’s pulmonologist needed a healthy baseline culture. We had to stop by there while we were out. When we called to get the best time we found out that they would be closed that afternoon and that we needed to be there before noon. This meant we ended up visiting the office during lunch. Sadly a bunch of people were out to lunch and a few were sick. We were able to see some folks though. Hopefully we can get back soon when more people will be around.

After we got home Laura tried to help me adjust the stander to fit Casey. We got it close, but I am not sure exactly where her hips and shoulders should be. Casey’s PT will be here tomorrow and I am sure she can help me get it finished up. Once it is all set we will get some picture of Casey in it. It may change a little soon (hopefully). We ordered the pads in purple to match a bunch of her other equipment. When it came we found they sent us black instead. They should call back soon to let us know what they can do to fix it. We hope they will just send us the correct pads and we can send back the black ones.

Tim and I were able to go to dinner Thursday night. I was a nice date night. We don’t get to go out every week while the nurse is here. Sometimes we are just busy. It is really nice to have the option though.

Over the weekend I have been able to get some work done on my book. I got started and it just seem to come to me. I have tried to get started a few times before and it just didn’t seem to work. I think I have finally figured out the layout and things are moving now. I decided to start at the beginning. I was working on it some earlier today and it was crazy. It has been over 2 years, and just remember some of the things we went through, the feelings we had, the things doctors were telling us, it made me very emotional. I had to take a little break in the middle to keep myself from getting all choked up. I did not expect it to hit me like that this much later. Oh well, hopefully that makes for a good read.

I will get some pictures and post them in the next few days. As always we hope everyone is doing well.

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