Busy Girl

Casey has been pretty busy these past couple of weeks. She has been working hard in all of her therapies (PT, OT & Cranial). She is making progress. She still doesn’t bend on her own, but in PT she was able to get past 90^ on both legs. Cranial and OT have really been helping her with her mouth as well. She is starting to really get vocal at night. She has been curling up the corner of one side of her mouth trying to smile too. She doesn’t have a full smile just yet, but she is getting there. She has learned that she can open and close her mouth some to make new sounds too. When most babies are heading to bed is when Casey seems to really wake up and start talking. It’s very cute.

Casey has been out on the town a lot lately. She went to the pool a few more times, and I am sure we will be back this weekend. She went to dinner with some friends on Tuesday. We just got back from a walk to the park so she could see the ducks. We may try to go to the LA zoo this weekend, depending on the weather and her of course. Tim is getting around pretty well too. His back is still sore from time to time, but he is recovering well.

Casey was fitted for her hearing aides this week. She got the pink ones of course. They will be in after 3 weeks. We will post pics when we get them. She is probably going to have to get her tubes redone as well. No date for that just yet.

Casey had a huge neuro appointment this week too. She is officially seizure free. The doctor was very pleased with her progress. He told us to keep doing what ever we’re doing because it is working. He was actually a little surprised at how well she is doing. A positive neuro visit is really nice.

We will try to catch her partial smile on camera and post pics. We will also get her in her hearing aides when they come in. We hope everyone is doing well.

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