Busy girl

Casey is getting back to normal. She started PT again this week and we will get back to OT and cranial next week. We had our 1 week surgical follow up yesterday. The doctor said that everything looks great. He was really happy that she was able to go home only 2 days after the surgery. I think that 2 days is better than any of us had expected. That just goes to show you though, Casey is one tough cookie 🙂

We have an ENT follow up on Tuesday. Everything was so crazy with her feet that we never had a chance to talk to ENT before going home. I am sure everything is fine, but it will be nice to hear the details of the procedure.

We have been extra cautious of positioning Casey to make sure we don’t add any pressure to her wounds or anything. I did a little research to try and get a better idea of what I should and should not do. I didn’t find what I was looking for, but I did find a good site that talks about the specifics of Vertical Talus for anyone that is curious. Once we get the cast off we will post some before an after pictures too.

We are part of a handful of groups in the LA area for different complications with special needs children. The UCP as well as the Jr Blind are having Halloween parties later this month. We are going to dress Casey up like a mummy and try to go to at least one if not both parties. Next month she has a friend turning 2. So she has that party as well. Casey loves parties so the next few weeks should be fun.

Speaking of fun, Molly Gallagher (a friend I used to work with) is hosting a spa party this weekend in Austin. She has generously arranged for 30% of the proceeds to go towards Casey’s fundraisers. I wish we could go. Molly and Megan (my sister) have promised to send me lots of pictures. I will post them as soon as I can with full details on all of the fun.

This is a picture I found from before surgery. It was too cute not to post.

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