Casey is finally home!!!!

After 7 weeks and 2 days we finally got to bring our little angel home. What a great day it has been. I picked Tim up at 3:PM then we went to pick her up. We were home shortly after 5:PM. It was so exciting to pull the monitors off of her. We put her in her first dress and she looked so pretty.

All of her doctors, nurses, therapists, etc came by to tell her good bye and wish her luck. They all said they are going to miss her. They have a NICU reunion every 2 years so she will get to catch up with everyone at the 2006 reunion. They took her picture (all dressed up) to post on the graduation wall. Everyone loved her little dress.

Now that we are home we are doing it all and it feels great. Casey has a bunch of follow ups with everyone over the next weeks and months, but nothing we can’t handle. She has her first appointment with her pediatrician tomorrow morning. We have talked with her pediatrician many times on the phone but have yet to meet her in person.

Over the next few days we will just get adjusted, then once we are settled in we will have to get into a schedule. We are so happy to finally have her home. I don’t think we have stopped smiling all day.

Tim’s mom happens to be in town visiting this week so she timed things pretty well. It’s nice to have some extra help while we get settled in. She is here until Thursday and with Tim back at work I am sure I will have many things for her to do while she is here.

I will post more updates and pictures as she gets to experience all of the things that have been waiting here for her. She will get to go on walks, swing, sit in her bouncy chair, sleep in her own crib, etc. So many new things to do.

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