Casey Turns 7 – Take 2

Casey has been getting stronger by the day.  After a great week we decided she was up for her birthday celebration with her friends.  She was so excited last night about seeing her friends that she could not even get to sleep.  She got all dressed up today in her My Little Pony dress, the matching hair bow, her pink/purple hair extensions, the whole nine yards.  She looked awfully cute.

The baker that did her dream cake on her birthday (Piece of Cake) did such an amazing job we hired her to do another cake for this party too.  We ordered a much smaller cake this time, and intended to pay for it.  She was so sweet and refused to let us.  She knew that we had to postpone this party since Casey was having such a hard time and she wanted to do something nice for Casey (again).  This cake came out super cute too, and tasted wonderful as well.  We are going to have to get more cakes from her (purchased) in the future.

Casey’s friends came over for a couple of hours this afternoon.  Our face painter fell through, but we had plenty of other things to do for fun.  The kids decorated their own ponies and we all got to visit some.  Poor Casey started to tire out after about an hour.  She hung in there though and made it close to the end before falling asleep.  Early on her tube leaked all over her beautiful dress so she had to have a wardrobe change.  Luckily she has plenty of pony clothes.  Towards the end of the party she gave me the most pathetic glare I have seen in a long time.  She did not need words to tell me “Mom, I am tired. Get me out of this chair.”  I am so happy her personality is coming back.  I missed my little diva.

Now that all of Casey’s birthday celebrations are complete, we can start planning the next adventure.  She has a dance recital coming up in a few weeks.  We can not wait.  She has missed a lot of dance lately.  Hopefully she can pick up quick and be ready in time for the show.  Don’t worry- there will be LOTS of pictures and video.

I will do a post in the next few days with more updates on her health.  We are still not quite back to baseline, but she is making progress and doing MUCH better.  Here are some pictures from the party and the second cake.  I think I need to take the camera and make Tim get in some pictures.  He had a pony shirt on for Casey and everything and I don’t have any pictures of it.  Casey’s friend and honorary little sister, Sam, helped with blowing out the candles and opening her presents.  It’s great to have a little sister around when she needs one 🙂

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