Casey’s Birthday Balloon Release

Thank you so much to everyone that helped us make Casey’s first birthday in heaven extra special. We were so touched by all of the people that participated and sent us pictures and videos. We know some of you participated, but were not able to get pictures, and we appreciate all of you as well.

Casey and Tim used to play guitar in the evenings while I cooked dinner. They usually used an app called Yousician and Casey LOVED one song created by this app call ‘My Kinda Party’. Tim reached out and they were so generous to let us use that song as the background for her birthday montage. Here is the final cut, enjoy…

We are not sure who sent us the 2 elephant balloons; there was not a note. We included them in our release and we are sure Casey loved them. Thank you. Also, some of the photos and videos sent did not make it onto the montage. You can see the full albums and playlists below.

Complete Photo Album

Original/Full Video Playlist:

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