Casey’s Super Fun Weekend

Casey has had a wonderful long weekend.  Thursday got off to a rocky start, but we made it to water therapy around lunch time and that seemed to turn things around.  Her PT is going to teach Tim and I how to do as much of the water therapy exercises as we can so that we do more with her in our pool.  Thursday was Daddy’s first time in the pool at therapy.  He and I were trying to learn how to do Casey’s favorite trick- flips.  We are getting there, but we have a long way to go.  Hopefully by the end of the summer we will have it all down.  After we got out of the pool we were getting ready to go when I saw a familiar face peeking into the pool area.  Casey’s crush, DJ, knew she was in there and wanted to come say hi.  He came in and they chatted about losing teeth and the tooth fairy for a little bit.  She loves him so much and just lights up when she sees him.  He is pretty cute, so I guess I get it.

Friday afternoon Casey’s Cappy and Grandpa John (my mom and her husband) came in to town.  We visited for a little while after they got here, but Casey has having a rough evening so we took her to bed a little early.  She needed to get some rest for a very full Saturday.

My grandpa, Casey’s great grandpa, had his Honor Flight Meet & Greet (orientation) meeting early Saturday.  My mom and John took him while Tim and I got stuff done around the house and Casey hung out with her nurse.  My sister and her little boy, Riley, came in just after lunch.  They drove in from Dallas and he wore his swimsuit the whole way so that he could go straight to the pool.  My other sister came up and when my mom, John, and grandpa all got back we had burgers out by the pool.  Every time we tried to bring Casey in for a break or to get out of the sun she would just yell and complain until we took her back out.  If anyone was in “HER” pool, she thought she needed to be there too.  She started to get pretty pink and had tan lines after a little while, so we did eventually make her come back in.  I think if it were up to her and Riley they would have been out there sun up until sun down.

Yesterday was Casey’s big recital.  She had a packed audience with friends, family, nurses, etc.  She has been looking forward to the big show for months.  We kept her calm and quiet all morning.  She was doing great.  We got there and she was excited to see everyone, she was ready to get her tutu on, things were going very well.  She was the first act to dance.  As soon as they lined up to get on stage she started to get all worked up.  I got her as calm as I could and sent her out with her group.  As soon as she came back off it was right back to suctioning.  She was really worked up about something.  We tried to figure it out, but nothing seemed to help.  We ended up having to get her back home right away.  She did not get to stick around for her trophy or any of the reception.  After we got her home it took a few hours to get her heart rate back down.  All we could guess was she got stage fright or sensory overload from the experience.  She did get to do her dance though, so at least she did what she came to do.

The last of the family went back this morning.  She had a fun weekend, and now back to our normal routine.  We hope everyone else had a nice weekend as well.  Here are some photos from the weekend.  We have part of her dance uploaded as well here.  Enjoy…

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