It’s finally here. We have been waiting so long and Casey’s chair finally came in today. It is such a great fit. There were a bunch of custom add on just for her. With all the customizations she can say she has a pimped out ride 🙂 She fits perfectly in it, and it will grow with her for a while. She spent some time in it while all of the adjustments were being made. She was really comfortable. We will start getting her in it through out the day a little more to build up her core. I really think this chair is going to help keep her spine a little straighter and stronger. Not to mention, she looks so cute in it.

The chair has a reflective trim that shines in photos. I need to get the lighting right and post some better pictures. Here are some of her getting fitted. We will get some more over the next week or so as she gets more used to it.

Congratulations to Greg and Debbie. They welcomed a little boy, Noah Joseph to the family May 31st.

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