Chunky Monkey

What a HUGE day!!! Casey had a GI appointment this morning and she has hit 26 pounds. Wow, that is awesome. The first year plus we could not do anything to get her to put on weight. Her doctor actually warned us to be careful and not let her get fat. He was serious too. I can’t believe Casey is finally catching up. No one has measured her length in a while, but I am sure she has been doing some catching up there too. Everyone that sees her (even if only after a week) comments on how long she is getting. I am so happy she is finally growing. Her teeth are still moving right along as well.

Casey has been hanging out with her nurse today. They have had lots of fun reading stories and playing. It is raining and nasty here today so we didn’t get out to do anything fun. Maybe next week we can get out and do something while her nurse is here.

Tim is leaving Friday morning for Chicago. I am sure he will have a good time. One of these days Casey and I will be able to make the trip too. Until then we will just go with him in spirit. I will post some pictures from his trip when he gets back.

Casey’s Aunt Molly and Cousin Riley may come in on Friday and her Cappy and John will be here Saturday. My mom (Cappy) is coming in to help while Tim is out of town. I think everyone else is just getting in one last summer trip while they can. It will be nice to have everyone around this weekend. Hopefully they will keep Casey’s mind off Daddy so she doesn’t miss him too much.

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