Crazy Days!

This week has just flown by; for that matter 2010 has flown by so far. Next week is already April!!! My baby is going to be 4.

Tim got all of the demo done in the master bath over the weekend. The crew was supposed to start Monday. They got held up on the previous job so it was delayed a little. They showed up around 5PM on Tuesday. With the bathroom in shambles and mess all around we have moved out of the master. We have all been staying in Casey’s room. We went from all 3 of us being in a King to all 3 of us sleeping in a full. It’s a bit cramped at night.

They have been jack hammering the drain out all afternoon yesterday and today. It is VERY noisy. Casey has been hanging out up in my office away from all the noise and mess. She seems to be adjusting okay.

On Monday Casey went to the cleft clinic. It went well. I really like the dentist. Anyone looking for a special needs pediatric dentist should check out Dr. Jacobs. She was so good with Casey and totally understood our needs and concerns. We met with the plastic surgeon as well. We did not have a lot the we needed from him so it was more just an introduction. We are going to back in a couple weeks to see just the dentist and get Casey’s teeth cleaned. Then next time she has a procedure planned we will piggy back a full cleaning at the same time.

On Tuesday I had Casey’s ARD. I met with her home therapists and school officials to set up a plan for next school year. There are not any real changes so the ARD was pretty quick and painless. Everyone is really happy with her progress. For now we will just stay the course.

On Wednesday Casey saw her Ortho. She was is a BAD mood! She threw a fit the entire way and while waiting. She had NO interest in sitting in her chair. As soon as we took her out she calmed down. Then when the visit was over and we had to leave (go back in the chair) she got all worked up again. It made for one very long morning. There were no surprises with the appointment. The doctor likes to keep an eye on Casey’s spine and legs/feet. So for so good. He said as she gets bigger we will have to start weighing options to getting her legs bent. Mainly in order to allow her better and more seating options as she grows. For now he likes how she fits in her chair and said it is not something we need to think about just yet. He is helping us get Casey a new bath seat (with wheels). This is going to be great to use with the new shower. He is also helping us get Casey a feeder seat and some medical positioning wedges to use at home.

Last night Casey’s respite nurse (Laura) came over for a bit. Tim and I were able to get out and have dinner together. It was a nice break from the renovation and crazy schedule.

Casey went swimming this afternoon (water therapy). She did really good. She was much better in her chair today too. Thank goodness. Next week we just have therapies- no extra doctor appointments for Casey. The renovation should be past the jack hammer portion soon and even though it won’t be quiet it will be quieter. I think that is about it for now. As always we hope everyone is well.

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