Daddy’s Back

Things are starting to get back to normal around here. Tim got home Friday evening and boy was Casey happy to see him. Overall she was really good while he was gone, but there a few times that she let me know she was really missing her daddy.

We kept pretty busy while Tim was gone. As we already posted we had a small family party for my grandma’s birthday. During the week we started our home therapies. Casey had OT, PT and Play Therapy. She starts Speech up this week. So far so good. All of the therapists are really nice and seem really good at what they are here to do. Casey was missing Tim during PT so she was a bit fussy, hopefully she will cooperate a little more this week. We have to see a Texas vision doctor in order for her to get Vision Therapy started. The one we were told to call is backed up. We have to wait until early March to get in. We will just keep doing the vision exercises rsises we learned from her previous VT while we wait.

We have been trying to find a new respite nurse. I went to the Children’s Hospital and asked them to hang up a flier in the nurses break room. No calls yet. It has only been a few days. Hopefully we get some interested nurses in the next few days.

We met with the new neuro early last week. That went really well. The doctor is optimistic, aggressive and really wants to help Casey. She was really a breath of fresh air. We went through so much to find a good neuro in Los Angeles. I was ready to redo the entire battle in Austin. I never expected to be blown away with the first one we met. Tim is looking forward to going with us when we go for a follow up in April. I am sure he will really like her.

Casey and I also met her new GI doctor. He to was really good. He wants to work closely with neuro to get Casey a little less stiff and more comfortable. He also wants to try and get her off some of the drugs she has been for way to long.

We were supposed to have a pulmonary appointment this week. The doctor’s office called on Sunday to reschedule. The doctor was sick. We won’t meet him until the end of the month.

Other than starting up our weekly therapies, and meet new doctors Casey has just been spending time with her dad. He is adjusting to being home. He did surprisingly well. Last time he slept for nearly 20 hours a couple of days after getting back. He took a few short naps and was pretty tired for a few days. He is pretty much back on track now. His luggage did not make it back on the same plain. He got home around 5:30 and the bag did not get here until around 11:30. Casey and I are both glad he is back home. He seems pretty happy to be back too.

I got some pictures from Ken, Jen, Allison, and Madelyn’s trip out to Los Angeles before we moved. Thanks, Jen!

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