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We finally have the table top for Casey’s chair. Now not only can she sit and hang out, but her toys can come a long too. She seems to like having her toys right in front of her.
We just got home from Casey’s ENT appointment. I have mentioned before, but I will say it again, we have been really impressed with the team of doctors we are working with here in Austin. The only one we don’t have great things to say about is her eye doctor, but we don’t have to see him often so it doesn’t really matter. We really like and totally respect her pulmonary and ENT. They have just impressed us a lot.
The ENT today was checking on Casey’s tubes. She has been really fussy off and on lately and we were worried that the tubes were coming out. We have a little home otoscope to check up on things and we could see the tube on her right looked very different. It was still there, but the location seemed very different. I thought the tube had come out and was just working its way out of her canal. When he checked he said that it is still in the drum, but on its way out. He expects that the right one will come out in the next month or so. He thinks the left one may make it to the end of the year, but he guesses it has about 3 months left. Here’s the good news…
The doctor wants to let them come out and give Casey some time with out them. If she does as well as we hope she does she may not have to have more put in again. That would be GREAT!!!! The doctor was very aware of our nervousness when dealing with anesthesia and talked to us about options if we do need to have them redone. He knows the anesthesiologist and will help us get the right one for Casey. He will also help us work with them to possibly avoid intubation. That is WONDERFUL to hear. We did not even have to push, I didn’t even cry, he just knew that he should be on top of it.
As for Casey’s fussiness, he thinks by looking at her mouth that it was most likely related to teething. Her teeth have been growing a lot so that makes sense. Anyway, we are home and Casey did really good. She is resting now. We have some friends coming over tomorrow so she is just taking it easy today.
We have a neurology appointment next week. The new ortho we saw a few weeks ago wants us to look into getting into a spasticity clinic. Casey’s neuro is the head of this clinic (or at least a very intrical part). We are going to talk to her Monday and see if she thinks Casey would benefit from the clinic or if it makes more sense to just stay with her. We are not sure Casey is spastic. They have tried many spasticity medications and treatments and we have not seen any benefit from any of them. We will talk with her doctor on Monday and see what she thinks.
Tim is getting ready for his race, just a few weeks now. My mom is excited to have an excuse to come hang with Casey so she will stay here and help out while he is gone. Hopefully some day soon Casey and I can go with Tim.
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