Extubated and Feeding

Today was a huge day. Casey finally got her ventilator out today. After her surgery they kept it in and decided to keep it in until she was able to eat. However, after surgery Casey had some issues that caused the doctors to postpone feeding her through the tube, which meant she had to keep the vent in longer than planned as well. They finally got her feeding through the g-tube yesterday evening, and they took her vent out this morning around 9:30. I am so happy, and I think she is too. She really hated the vent the past few days.

After getting her vent removed the doctors stopped sedating Casey. She is still swollen from surgery, but she is awake much more now and getting back to herself. I missed her like crazy this past week. We were not able to hold her until yesterday due to the vent as well. Now that she is awake more and we can hold her again we are all happier.

Casey’s PT & OT are going well. PT had some boots made for her to wear that help relax her feet and legs. OT did the same for her hands. Now that she is off the vent they will both work with her for oral stimulation as well. Hopefully they can help her work on her gag, suck and swallow.

The nurses said that Casey may be able to move to a crib soon. She will have a lot more space if they move her. She had lots of toys in her crib back at St John. If they move her to a crib again we can take back up her toys 🙂 I think she misses them.

My mom is in town this weekend. We will get some new pictures and post more updates soon.

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