Eyes cracking, oxygen off, reflux test

The last couple of days have been pretty good. Casey started to crack her left eye open just a little bit – you can see her eye occasionally drift in or out underneath but not too much movement yet. We are hoping she starts to open the other eye as well and moves her eyes some more soon.

Casey has been doing well with her breathing so they decided to take her off the oxygen again. She looks so much better without the nasal canula, especially with the tube for her feeding having to always be in her nose.

Since she has had problems feeding and spitting up, the doctors did a “reflux test” last night for twelve hours. They basically put a probe in her nose down to her stomach and monitor the pH level to check if feeding is causing too much reflux. Based on the results, they could recommend moving to a gastric feeding tube (requiring surgery) sooner than originally expected. If the pH test shows low or moderate levels, it may just mean we have to keep taking feeding very slow due to the risk of aspiration. Even if surgery is recommended, we still would have to research surgeons and types of g-tubes to make sure we are comfortable with the procedure, so nothing would be happening for a little while.

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