Father’s Day

Casey started to look a little better Monday and even better on Tuesday.  By Wednesday she was doing well enough to meet some of her friends for an arts and crafts play date.  They made crafts for their dads with Father’s Day coming up.  Sadly, Tim is not going to be home for Father’s Day.  He leaves on Saturday for a week in India.  We decided to do Father’s Day Wednesday evening instead.  I think/hope he had a good day.  Casey made him a little decorative stone and we got him some non-princess related towels for the pool.  Although, I do think he looks pretty manly wrapped in the My Little Pony beach towel.

Casey is doing a lot better.  Tim hates to leave town, especially when I don’t have our nights covered, but with her feeling better it does help some.  We don’t have a nurse on Thursday or Friday night, but luckily we did get Saturday night picked up.  I was able to get a nurse to come in some Saturday morning as well so that I could get some sleep after being up with Casey all night.

Saturday night Casey started to have some respiratory issues again.  Not as bad as the weekend before, but she was needing some oxygen again.  Luckily it was just for a few hours, but something was still not right.  Saturday and Sunday day she was whinny and had a lot of crud out, but she was breathing well on her own.  Both nights she needed some help.  We just kept an eye on her and planned to call her doctor if she was not looking a lot better Monday.

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