Fly High Angel


Yesterday was a very emotional day. Our hearts were full seeing all of the love and support from Casey’s many friends and family. Yet, the reality that people were there to say goodbye to our beautiful girl left us feeling very empty. I have to admit, for most of the day I was in a fog. Maybe that was my minds way of sheltering me from dealing with the pain.

The service was exactly as we think Casey would have wanted it. It was filled with pink flowers, lots of daisies (her favorites), and butterflies. There were people of all ages sharing stories and memories of our princess. We played her favorite songs, and even a clip from ‘My Little Pony- Magical Mystery Cure’. I was really proud of Tim for talking about who Casey was and letting people that may not have had the opportunity to know her like we do see a little bit more of her sparkle. Casey’s Girl Scout troop sang a song for her- there wasn’t a dry eye in the place.

We have been humbled over the past week hearing and reading comments about some of the lives Casey touched. We always knew she touched a lot of people, but I don’t think we will ever really know just how far her spirit spread. She was such an amazing, brave and inspiring little girl. Everyone that heard of her, knew her, or just crossed her path fell in love with her.

We have enjoyed reading all of these messages from her guestbooks and card we have received. We really appreciate all of the people that came out yesterday to help us honor her life. Many of you that were not able to attend have sent your condolences, and you were with us in spirit. We know the next few weeks (or years) are going to be very challenging. With the help and support of all of you, and the wonderful memories we will always treasure, we will get through this.

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