Casey had her follow-up appointment with pulmonary yesterday morning. The doctor checked her out then sent us for an xray. We are supposed to continue with her antibiotics and lots of chest percussion and breathing treatments. Monday she is getting Botox in her legs and hands. We have to go in early and get another chest xray before her injections. I hope that will be the end of appointments for this pneumonia.

Casey is playing a little more each day and seems to be getting better and stronger. As long as she continues to progress/recover at this rate she should be able to start back with therapies this week.

I just got home from picking up a jacket so she has something to keep her warm after water therapy. She outgrows everything so fast. It got cool and she has no pants, jackets, nothing. I had to make an emergency clothes shopping trip for her.

We have family coming in to town next weekend to celebrate October birthdays. I am sure she will be all better by then so she can play and enjoy her company. Her cousin Riley is coming. She always has a good time with Riley. Then the following weekend her uncle Ken is coming to town to do a race with Daddy. Sometime between family and therapy we need to go get her Halloween costume too. I wonder what she will pick this year. October is a busy time for our little princess.

As always, we hope everyone is doing well. Thanks to everyone for wishing Casey a speedy recovery.

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