Food & Diapers

Casey has been feeling much better. She was back to causing trouble all last week. There is not a lot to report. She is still working on few play dates.

Last week we were able to get Casey back on Nutren Jr. She was on this food for over a year, but when she got sick back in November they changed her to Nutramigen. The Nutren is so much better. Her tube still leaks, but it does not seem to be quite as bad. I hope that on the new food that we will be able to finally get some weight back on.

We also changed diapers last week. We had been on Pampers forever, then around her 4th birthday we started to get diaper supplies through a company that provided Huggies. The Huggies were fine but when this months order arrived it was not what we expected. I called the company right away to be sure there was not some sort of mix up. They were not able to renew the Huggies contract and had signed on with Cuties. The person I spoke with explained a lot of testing and quality control that they had worked out in previous weeks. I had to agree, on touch the Cuties felt soft and looked fine. When we tried them out they seem to fit really well too. All in all the Cuties brand seems to be pretty good. We have only used them for a few days so far. I think as long as we never have to go back to the awful Curity diapers we should be fine.

I think that is about it for now. Hopefully we will be able to work in some fun stuff over the next few weeks. We hope to have some updates on Make-A-Wish soon too. Until then, we hope everyone is well.

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