Getting the News

As many of you know, Tim and I wanted to start a family right away after we got married. We calculated the earliest date we could start trying without showing at the wedding. We really expected it to take longer than it did, but fortunately we got pregnant after just 1 month of trying.

I was feeling kind of weird, not bad, just weird, and was late so on my way home from work I stopped by the drug store and picked up a test. I actually picked up a pack of 3 so I could be sure it was not a false reading. I came home and took one right away. It VERY quickly said ‘PREGNANT’ I was so excited and happy, but at the same time I didn’t want to get to excited just in case it was a false reading. I came out and showed Tim the stick. He was very happy too. We decided to be safe that I would wait and take a second test the following morning. As soon as I woke up the next day I ran straight in to take the test. ‘PREGNANT’ again, YAY!!!! I ran back to bed to share my excitement with Tim.

Because of a previous ectopic we were still not completely in the clear. Before we celebrated too much we needed to see my doctor. Before my doctor would see me they took a blood test to be sure they had a positive reading as well. I stopped by on my way to work and gave them some blood. Later that afternoon they confirmed that I was pregnant. They could not see me right away though; we had to wait a few days. It was pure agony. I wanted to celebrate and tell the entire world, but until an ultrasound confirmed the pregnancy was healthy I had to sit on pins and needles. It nearly killed me to have to wait.

What a wonderful day. When we finally went in for the first ultrasound Tim and I were a little nervous, and VERY anxious. Tim sat by side as we watched the monitor. Neither of us had a clue what we were looking at. As the doctor walked us thru what she was seeing and told us that everything looked great, we both felt relieved and elated. It was such a great moment.

When we had the ectopic a couple of years back I lost my left tube. During the ultrasound we were told that the egg was actually dropped out of the left ovary. I was shocked, and a bit confused. The doctors said it is pretty rare, but that the right tube can pass eggs from the left when the left tube is missing. I still think that is kind of cool, and amazing. Regardless of which side the egg dropped, Tim and I are going to have a baby. And, everything looks healthy 🙂

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