Good Day

We ended up staying home on Thanksgiving. Casey woke up around 4:30 that morning very upset and stayed pretty fussy all day. Last Thanksgiving my mom was in town and Casey was great the entire time she was here until Thanksgiving day. On Thanksgiving last year Casey was really sick (we almost ended up in the ER). So this year she was not happy, but not as bad as last year. The very next day she went back to her happy self. I guess she just doesn’t like Thanksgiving. My mom said she is mad because she smells all the good food and can’t eat it.

Casey’s new hand splints came in today. They fit much better. Her old ones got too small too fast. The place that is making her leg splints called and told us that they are 100% covered by insurance. That’s always good news. We have her eye doctor on Wednesday and hearing aid adjustments on Thursday.

We confirmed the 20th for Casey’s stem cells this morning. We are really excited to see what she does this round. Last year she was so small and so sick. She only had one veil (1.5 million cells). This year she will get double.

We have appointments in Austin with all but one of her specialists. We just needed to get an ortho. We love Casey’s current ortho (too bad we can’t take him with us). He went to school with a guy in Houston that he suggested. We called his office today. We only have to see an ortho 2-3 times a year, so driving to Houston is fine. My mom is in Houston so we have a place to stay. I Googled this doctor and he seems pretty good. And, good news, he is in network.

I finally found a few special needs pediatricians in Austin. Once we decide if we are going to be on the North or South side I will pick the ped. Tim has been looking at houses in his spare time. Hopefully he can find one in the next couple of weeks.

My grandma has been in the hospital for the past few days. The doctors have been running tests and finally found the problem today. It is something they can treat. She should be going home tomorrow.

All in all, we have gotten some good news today. It is a good day here. I hope everyone else is having a good day too.

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