GP’s First Anniversary

1 year ago today we lost my grandpa, Lin. He always signed his cards and preferred to be called GP. GP and Casey had a very special bond. They loved each other so much and would jump at the chance to spend time together. Casey loved to go visit his at the assisted living center down the road and when he would come over he would always want to sit right next to Casey. GP and my grandma were amazing grandparents for me. By the time I had Casey they were starting to have some health issues. I always wished that Casey could have known them the way that I did, but I know that she knew them in her own way.

I had taken GP to a doctor’s appointment, a routine appointment, just the day before. I knew he was having some issues breathing and hated to drag his oxygen with him, but over all he was doing pretty great for 92. When the nurse called that afternoon she didn’t want to say the words “your grandfather has passed away.” I could tell by the words that she did say that he was gone. I called for Tim to come sit with Casey and I got to GP’s minutes later.

His room was full of EMTs, fire, police, etc. I knew he would not want to be kept alive on machines so I begged them to stop and to let him have peace. I was there for a few hours answering questions, filling out paperwork, and doing everything that needed to be done. Tim stayed home with Casey and started to call the family.

I was not expecting GP to leave us when he did. I knew we didn’t have a lot of time left with him, but I was surprised when I got the call. I always knew when it was his time that he would go quick. I know he missed my grandma so much that his heart broke a little more each day. I hope that one day Tim and I will celebrate our 65th anniversary and still hold hands and love each other the way my grandparents did. I felt at peace knowing that the two were back together again. Surprised at how sudden it happened, but at peace that he went quick and that he was back with Grandma.

Exactly one month later Casey left us. It was during her final days that everything made sense. GP would do anything for her, and I think he went ahead to be there to wait for her. Losing my baby girl is something I will never recover from, but I know that G&G are taking good care of her. I am sure she and GP are causing all kinds of trouble. I miss them all so much. One day I will be able to join them, but until my time comes I know she is in good hands.

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