Hair Do

So a long time ago I tried to cut Casey’s hair myself. It did not go well. I swore that I would never do it again. It was just to hard to hold her up with one hand and cut with the other. I used to cut my sisters hair all the time. I gave them some really cute cuts. But I am just not able to do Casey’s hair (and no, having Tim hold her is not an option). I called a local Cool Cuts 4 Kids and talked with one of the stylists there. After I explained that Casey needs a haircut, but that she is not really mobile she agreed to come to us. She came by and Casey did really good. She took off a few inches. I think Casey will be much cooler now. She gets so hot and sweaty with all that hair on her neck and back. Now we just need to style it and she will be all good to go.

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