Happy Birthday, Daddy

We had a great weekend.  Tim turned 40 on Friday.  For anyone that does not know he is the youngest of 7 (YES, 7!!) boys.  All but one was able to come into town to surprise him.  His brothers and mom let me know they were coming so I could help coordinate things.  I took Tim to eat and they were all sitting in the restaurant when we walked in.  They were in the back and before we could get all the way back Tim spotted them.  I think he was really excited & happy.

We later had a party where Tim, his family and I joined up with most of Tim’s friends for a night full of video games.  A perfect celebration for Tim.  There is an old school arcade in town that has a party room.  It was a lot of fun.

Casey wanted to go to the party.  She is such a daddy’s girl.  We convinced her to stay home with her nurse.  They had a PJ party instead.  She did get to spend time with family too though.  Everyone came to the house on Saturday.  We picked up some good Texas BBQ (a must for any out-of-towner) and spent the day visiting and just enjoying time with family.  This weekend was the first time in MANY years that this many of Tim’s brothers were all in one place.  With that many, it can be a challenge to get everyone together.  We took some pictures.  Usually Casey does not cooperate for photos.  She did great though.  She didn’t fuss, get all puffy, or anything.

Everyone had to be at the airport bright and early Sunday morning.  It was a short visit, but it was great.  We wish the wives and kids could have come too.  Hopefully we can see them all again sometime soon.

This weekend my family is coming in to town.  They usually come every couple of months.  My mom makes a GREAT key lime pie.  I can’t wait to dig in 🙂

Casey’s dance class starts soon.  Stay tuned, I am sure I will take a ton of pictures on her first day.  Yes, I am going to be that mom.  As long as I don’t start crying I should be fine.  School is about to start back up too.  Lot’s of stuff coming up in the next few weeks.

We hope everyone is doing well.  Thanks again to all the family for helping to make Tim’s 40 a memorable one.  Enjoy the rest of your summers.

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