Happy Father’s Day

I LOVE having Casey home. I can’t believe a full week has already passed. It stills seems kind of surreal.

Casey is still having a hard time adjusting to a normal day. There wasn’t really a day and night in the NICU so she is often wide awake at night then sleeping all day. We have been trying to keep her attention during the day so that she can sleep better at night. She is getting a little better.

On Sunday we decided to see how she would take to a little shopping trip. Being that is was Father’s Day, it only seemed right to take her to Daddy’s favorite place. We drove out to Fry’s. She was really good for the first half of the drive, but the vibrations started getting to her toward the end. Once we got her out of the car and walked around the store some she relaxed. She seemed to like walking around the store. The ride home was better, she slept most of the way.

Today Casey had a busy day. She and I got up early and took Daddy to work. Then we headed home for our morning nap (she is such a good napper). Later in the morning Casey had an appointment with the surgeon that was very please with how well she is doing on the tube. They ordered her button and we will plan on going back in about 4 weeks to get it put in. The button is a very small (nearly flush) tube entry. It will be much more convenient than the larger tube she has right now. They have to start with the larger ones in order to build up the canal.

This afternoon Casey had an appointment with her pediatrician. Casey has been really congested at night and I was worried. Doctor said it is nothing to worry about and gave me a few suggestions to try to see if I can help her.

We have a lot of appointments over the next few weeks/months. Nothing we can’t handle.

Anyway, all is going well now that we finally have our little angel home. She loves to sit on the couch with us, or cuddle with us in bed in the morning. She is so affectionate 🙂

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