Here We Go Again

UGH!!! Many months back Tim and I went round and round with our insurance company. They kept denying Casey’s nursing care. They said that she did not need it (WHAT!!?). We had to collect very detailed letters from ALL of Casey’s doctors and we had to write letters ourselves as well. The issue went back and forth for over a month. Everyday we spent HOURS on the phone trying to get things straightened out. We were told that most likely once we went through all of that and finally had it all straight that we would not have to do it again. Well, this morning Casey’s nursing service called to tell me that once again they are denying her care.

Here’s the good news; since we have Medicaid for Casey now things like nursing (or whatever) that our private insurance denies can be covered my Medicaid. Last time we went through this we did not have a plan B, at least this time we do. We still have to get it resolved. I just don’t feel quite as stressed this round.

The timing could not have been funnier. We had Casey’s case manager her yesterday afternoon going over all the admin stuff. While he was doing the mountain of paperwork he made a comment that I keep playing in my head today. He said Casey has more stuff going on, and requires more interaction and care than a lot of his other patients that have a lot MORE hours. After he said that he went on to say that we should qualify for more.

I have to get her current hours covered again before I can even begin to think of more hours. It sounds fabulous though. Anyway, I have made a few call this morning. Now we wait. Our insurance should get back to us soon to tell us why it was denied and the course of action they suggest we take. Then we will take that info and start over again.

There is always something. I hope that we can get this one resolved a little quicker this time around.

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