Hot Hot Hot

This summer got started and has not let up yet. We have already had multiple 100+ days. Since Casey (and I) and not big fans of being hot, we are staying inside as much as possible. I think we are going to have to have me or her nurse go start the car after therapy while the other one stays with Casey. The car is so hot after just 1 hour in the parking lot.

Casey has been enjoying her relaxed summer schedule. School is coming to her over the summer. She will be back in the classroom in August. Her OT and Speech at the hospital have decided to work together. That has been a nice change too. Instead of going up there 3 days a week for therapy we only go 2 days now.

We have a few doctor appointments coming up. All routine, nothing to worry about. In July we see Casey’s neuro. Her arms are getting stiffer every day. I think we are going to try Botox in her triceps this time. We never saw any improvement in her legs. When we injected her thumbs though it helped a lot. I really hope that injecting her triceps can get her bending a little easier. We will see in July.

We have finally found a night nurse that wants Friday & Saturday nights. She started last weekend. I love having all of our nights covered. It was killing me to be up all night Friday & Saturdays, then still have to function the following days. Tim was great about letting me get some sleep. But, I didn’t want to sleep all day. We both had things to get done during the day. Having the night shifts covered is WONDERFUL. The new nurse seems to be picking up on Casey’s little noises and needs pretty quick.

Last week was fun. A friend of mine and I presented the Lunch & Learn about stuff to do in the Austin area this summer. Hand to Hold was the sponsor of the session. There were only a few people, but I think it went well. Next month we will discuss the different types of specialists, and some medical terms that you hear a lot when in the hospital (especially NICU). I hope each month we got more people. Last week was a good kick off, I think, to what I hope will become a great program.

That’s pretty much it. I haven’t taken/posted many pics lately. I will try to get some in the next week or so to post. Until then, we hope you are all doing well. Have a great summer, and don’t forget the sunscreen 🙂

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