I can see the finish line….

I am so surprised at how fast this has all flown by. It seems like just yesterday Tim and I were talking about wanting to start trying to pregnant, and now we are less than a month away from being parents. I am ready to meet my little one, and I am more than ready to not be pregnant any more.

It’s hard to say that. I have been so lucky with everything through the entire pregnancy that I really can’t complain. It has not been bad at all. Don’t get me wrong, there have been a few bad days. There were a few surprises too. Did you know that nose bleeds are common with pregnancy? I had nose bleeds every day of my second tri, and off and on still into my third. Not gushers, but when I would blow my nose, there was normally blood. I guess if I have to pick between that and morning sickness I am glad I got the nose bleeds. I was also really surprised by how fast your body changes. It really is over night. I went to bed small and the next day I woke up with a belly, and it just kept on growing.

Now that we are getting near the end, I am feeling new stuff, and my body is changing even more. False labor (Braxton Hickocks – may be spelled wrong) has set on pretty good. I started getting them on occasion over a month ago, but in the past couple of days I am getting them more often, and much stronger. I swell like crazy too. My feet and hands are huge and squichy by the end of the day. I am SOOOO tired lately. Around 3:30-4:00 I hit a wall, HARD. It’s a struggle to finish out my work day. I don’t see the gym much anymore. I used to come home, go to the gym, make dinner, stay up and hang out with Tim and never felt tired. Needless to say, Tim has had to do a lot more of the cooking and chores lately. I haven’t dropped yet, I don’t think. And I haven’t lost my plug either. They say that these could happen weeks before the baby comes, or minutes, so I guess it’s not really a sign either way.

We had an appointment on Tuesday. We go every Tuesday now until the baby arrives. The baby looks healthy. Still bigger than average for his/her due date, but it hasn’t gotten too much bigger since our last one. We meet/interview the pediatrician next week. Our OB refered us, so I am pretty sure we will like her.

Tim and I have been swamped with work. We both are trying to get as much done as we can before taking time off. In addition to that Tim’s race season is getting started so he has been pretty busy training and getting ready for his races. He signed on with Polar, and he is the local team leader. He will have a little more to do, but it’s worth it.

I have been interviewing people this week to take over while I am out. I leave work 1 week before the baby is due, so I am really running out of time. I have a few more interviews coming up, but hopefully we will have an offer out early next week and get someone in very soon.

That’s pretty much all that’s going on right now. I will post more as things continue to develop. Keep checking back. We will post pictures, video, etc VERY soon.

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