Keeping a Secret

I had always heard that until your enter your second trimester that it is bad luck to tell people that you are expecting. In addition, we found out we were pregnant in September and our wedding was not until October 23rd. We really wanted our wedding to be about the wedding, and we wanted the baby to have it’s own moment. So we decided that we would wait until after the wedding to tell our family and friends. Talk about difficult. I talk to my sisters all the time, and tell them everything. Not to be able to tell them something as exciting and wonderful as this was so hard for me. I was so excited that I wanted to tell everyone, family, friends, strangers on the street, I wanted to shout it out to crowds. I wanted the whole world to know, but I could not tell anyone.

Our wedding was fast approaching and Tim and I started discussing how and when we would tell everyone. We decided we would try and get a moment with our mom’s the morning after the wedding before we left for the honeymoon, then casually tell everyone else as afterward. Things didn’t exactly go as planned though. I have always been quick to join in when friends are doing shots. At the wedding a lot of people kept trying to get me to do shots with them, and toward the end of the night I had run out of excuses. We ended up telling the wedding guests that stuck around. Tim mom stuck around, but did not hear the news. Before she left we pulled her aside and told her. She was so happy for us. The next morning as soon as we were up we told my mom. She too was very happy. What a relief, the secret is out and now I can talk about it.

I was so happy to have it out there. I have so many things I wanted to tell people, and so many questions for all of my friends and family that have already done this.

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