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(check out those lashes…)

It has been a while since our last post, no good excuses, we just haven’t done one. Anyway, what’s been going on in Casey Land…

Casey is getting stronger every day. She has started rolling herself over (not completely but from side to side). She is holding her head up some. She is awake a lot more often than she was before. And she is starting to gain a little weight.

I take her to a GI clinic every week (if I don’t take her in I at least call in the weight from her pediatrician). At the clinic they are working with Casey and I to get her more food. She is still on continuous feeds right now. When we took her home she was on 20cc/hr 24×7. Last week they told me to move her up to 25cc/hr 24×7. I did this over the course of 3 days, but after we passed 23cc Casey started to spit up some. Tim and I put her back to 20cc and I called GI. We decided to be a little less aggressive and take her up 1 cc every 24 hours instead. She is on 22cc now. She gained a few ounces on the new volume. Once she is able to maintain 25cc I am sure she will gain even more. After we get her to the calorie & volume goal we can start working on moving towards bolus feeds (larger amounts then off the feed for hours in between). I am not sure when that will start, we just have to take things slow so Casey can handle them.

Casey had a neuro appointment and the doctor took her off the phenol (seizure medicine). One less medicine to give her every day is nice. She is still a bit yellow so the bilirubin medicine is still being given. Her count is coming down though, so she can get off of this medicine soon.

Casey still loves to hang out on her wedge on the sofa or in our bed. She is just so cute. If you lay next to her she will roll into you to snuggle. Such a sweet baby. She likes Eskimo kisses too. I will give her kisses then when I stop she pushes her nose out for more.

We started having official nap time this week too. Since she is awake so much now we need to be sure she has some structure to her day. I have her napping in her room and she seems to like her crib.

We are about to head out to buy some more wedges. I will try to post more soon.

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