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We are making some progress with Casey’s seizures. They started her on Kepra last week. Apparently a lot of kids are on this drug. She has been doing pretty well with it. They started her on a fairly low dose. Her twitches were noticeably less with in a few days. They are not fully gone though so today they had us go up just a little in the dose. I think after some fine tuning we should have them back under control.

We have not talked with the doctor yet, but her nurse said that they did not find anything in the MRI. That is pretty much what we expected.

Today was a crazy day. About a month ago we found 3 scorpions in the house (2 pretty big ones) in just over a week. We had someone come out and spray and we thought things were better. Out of no where today Casey’s nurse jumped up off the couch. Somehow a scorpion had crawled up her pants and then when she saw it and pushed it away it stung her. I really hate bugs. Luckily it was not too bad. She was pushing him away so he was not able really latch on (thank goodness). He ran under the couch before we could get him though.

Tim came down from his office when he heard all the commotion. Casey had been sitting on her bean bag on the floor watching a movie. We grabbed her up real quick and got her to the bedroom. After we patched up her nurse’s hand and got Casey and her nurse set up in the bedroom Tim and I tore the living room apart. Finally after hunting a bit we found him. He was a big one too.

We are working on getting Casey into a few extra therapies up at Dell over the summer so she does not regress. Hopefully we can get some stuff set up in the next couple of weeks. She should be getting a new feeder seat soon to use at home.

We are setting up as many fun activities over the summer as we can (play dates, swimming, movies, etc). The pictures I posted are from one of Casey’s PT workout up at Dell. They were just too cute not to share.

I think that is about it for now. As always, we hope everyone is doing well.

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