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What a month it has been. We had a ton of appointments this month but I have rescheduled them all since we have not had nursing in place. Maritza left us the last week in July. We had Michelle for 2 weeks. Michelle had just started to get used to taking care of Casey when she had to go back to her other job with the school. UGH!!! The service we use for nursing sent a few out but none that we loved. Finally last week they sent out one that was a good fit. FINALLY!!! Her name is Angela and she started yesterday. Casey seems to like her. The only thing is that she has another job as well so she can only work 3 days a week. So we still need to find another nurse to pick up at least 1 more day a week. Hopefully we will find someone for that extra shift soon. Next week Angela has some other stuff that she has to do so next week we are back to no one (just for the week though). This week, then starting the week after next we will have 3 shifts (Wed, Thur, Fri) each week. We are trying to get someone to pick up Tuesday. I really miss Maritza and just want to get back to a normal routine. Casey has another nurse that works from time to time to fill in for her primary nurse. She picked up a few shifts each week after Michelle left. She will be here at least 1 day next week. However, I just found out today that next week is her last week. She no longer wants to work home health. I am hopeful that we will find another filler to take Tuesdays and cover when needed.

We start a round of doctor appointments soon. I am sure we will be talking about trying the next round of Botox soon too. I will post updates as we get them. Casey is doing well. As always we hope all of you are doing well too.

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