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Last week Casey went in for her pulmonary follow up. The appointment went well. Casey was really good and her doctor was happy with how she is doing. He ordered a new culture that we had to have sent to us so while Casey’s nurse is here this week we will get it done. Based on the results of the new culture she may or may not have to do another round of Tobi (a special breathing treatment she was on for about a month about a month ago). We did get some sad news while we were at the clinic. We absolutely love this doctor and he told us that he is moving to another position where he will no longer be seeing patients. We are very sad to hear this. I am sure it is a good move for him, but we will miss him. He works with a team of doctors that all take the same approach and have similar bedside manner. I am sure we will be fine with one of his colleagues. The only good thing is that one of them sees patients once a week at a clinic closer to home. The same clinic where most of Casey’s other doctors are located as well. This will make the trip a little easier. Her next appointment will be at the closer clinic with the new doctor in November.

Casey has had a little tummy ache the past couple of days. She has been throwing up a little and really fussy. Today my grandparents had invited the family over to celebrate my grandpa’s birthday. We were not sure if Casey would be up for it or not until last minute this morning. She had a much better morning today than she had in the past few so we decided she could make the party. It was nice to visit with everyone. It is so hard on Casey to make trips, even short ones like this. She just hates the car so much and has such a hard time adjusting to other settings. She finally did relax after we were there for a little while. We sat with her and rocked for a while and she went to sleep. She spent the first half of the visit upset, then slept through the other half. Poor baby, she works so hard. She has been crashed on the couch since we returned home.

Next Saturday one of Casey’s little friends is coming over for a morning play date. I am sure they will have a good time. Casey was invited to a party that afternoon at Easter Seals. Easter Seals is having an Autumn party Saturday then later this month they are having a Halloween costume party. The autumn party is for all of the clients (young and old) and is expected to be pretty crowded. I think we will skip this party and just do the costume party later. The costume party is just the kidos and should be a little easier on Casey.

I think that is about it for now. Casey does not have any doctor appointments or other big items for a few weeks. It will be nice to just relax for a few weeks. As always we hope everyone is doing well.

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