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I don’t remember much from Wednesday. I know I had surgery and I hear that it went well. Other than that the day is pretty much a blur to me. I am not allowed to lift or strain for at least a week. It is awful not being allowed to pick Casey up. She is so used to being held all the time. She has had a few fussy moments when Tim was busy and could not pick her up for me, but for the most part she has been really good and patient with me. Tim has been great. He is having to do pretty much everything right now. He is pretty tired at the end of the day, but he is getting it all done.

Thursday night one on Megan’s friends (Katie) and her little boy (Finn) came by to visit Casey. Finn was really cute. He would whisper “Hello, Casey” to Casey and then go back to his mom’s side. He is about 6 months older than Casey. I am sure they will be good friends. He is looking forward to coming back in a few weeks for Casey’s party.

On Friday my grandparents and uncle Cliff came by. Casey loves visitors. My grandparents had to get back before rush hour traffic, but my uncle stayed over before heading to the air port this morning. Casey was really good the entire time he was here. This was his first chance to meet Casey.

I have been recovering pretty well. The surgery area is not bad at all. It is about like my last surgery (appendix). This time I have had a little more trouble than last. Every time I eat I have been getting horribly sick to my stomach. Today is the first day that it is manageable. I still feel sick, but it is a tolerable sick now. It sounds like things were pretty messed up inside, so I am sure the next few months will be rough as things readjust and settle into their correct spots. I go back to the doctor on Thursday. I am hoping that she will see how well I am doing and that after the visit I can start picking Casey back up again. For now Tim will just have to put Casey next to me.

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