Memorial Service – For Those That Could Not Attend

For anyone that was not able to attend Casey’s service on Wednesday, we want to share a few videos and poems.

Tim and I selected some of Casey’s favorite songs and put them to a photo slide show with a collection of photos through the years.  We realize some of these songs may not be traditionally used with memorials, but these are songs that Casey loved. If you would rather just see the individual pictures, you may browse our Slideshow Album.  Or you can enjoy the video here:

Casey’s Girl Scout Troop sang her ‘Over the Rainbow’ and did an amazing job:

There was a poem we selected for the program, and one of Casey’s doctors read a beautiful poem during the service as well.

When All That’s Left is Love by Rabbi Allen S. Maller
Read by Casey’s Palliative Care doctor- Dr. Craig Hurwitz

You Meant so Much by Cassie Mitchell
Selected by Tim and Marty for Casey

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