Merry Christmas

Casey had a really good Texas Christmas. Santa brought her a fish. His name is Al. Tim found a little pink aquarium and everything. Casey seems to like her new pal Al.

This was her first Christmas with family. She had a lot of fun. She wore herself out and ended up sleeping while we all had dinner. Which actually worked out perfect, Tim and I both ate dinner with the family. That doesn’t happen often. She went pretty hard all afternoon watching her cousin and playing with all of her new toys, books, etc. She was so tire I put her to bed with very little objection from her. Also, doesn’t happen very often. Our family is coming by for a quick breakfast then everyone has to head home. Then Saturday one of Tim’s brothers is coming with his wife and possibly her family. They are only staying for the afternoon. It is really nice to be around so much family for the holidays this year.

So I have not posted in a while and have LOTS to update. First I will pick up where I left off. Casey’s GI appointment went pretty good. She was very good and we were in and out pretty quick. She was almost 28 pounds. I am sure by now she has hit the 28 mark. The doctor said she looks a little chubby and told us to be a little less aggressive on her daily volume.

The week after that Casey and I went to meet her new pulmonologist. He is really good. I was nervous, but I did like him. He was good with Casey and seemed very comfortable picking up where the previous doctor left off. We of course will still miss her previous doctor too. There is no change in her pulmonary care. We have gone back on another round of TOBI (a special 28 days on 28 days off breathing treatment). We have done this a few times before so it is not a big deal. She is not on it because she was sick, but rather just to help keep her lungs nice and healthy especially during cold and flu season.

Casey has adjusted to her new nurses really well. She has spent a lot of time with one of them and they seem to be getting along great. Her other nurse has only done 2 shifts, but they seem to be getting used to each other.

So BIG news, we have moved. Our lease was up at the end of the year and with the market in the state that it is we really got lucky. We were able to buy a house across the street from the house we were renting. The floor plan is almost exactly the same. So the move was very easy both to make and to adjust to the new home. The builders have not been able to move houses in this neighborhood and the prices have just come down so much. Add to that the great rates available now and it was just a great opportunity for us. Now we can actually make the changes we need to make day to day activities as easy as possible for Casey. She has a room down stairs now, and her own tub. It is really nice knowing we can do what we need for her now with out having to worry about loosing a deposit or getting special permission. We plan on getting this house set up and staying here for a VERY long time.

Casey has an ENT appointment next week. This is just a follow up to be sure that her ears are staying healthy without the tubes. We check them at home every few days. I am not an ENT so I don’t know exactly what to look for. As far as I can tell things looks pretty much the same day to day so I hope the doctor says she is doing well.

I think that is about it for now. I am going to hit the desserts that have been building up in our kitchen and relax a bit. I hope everyone has had a wonderful Christmas and has a fabulous 2009. Happy Holidays!

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