Merry Christmas

It’s official, Casey LOVES Christmas. She was really into it this year. While we were in the kitchen getting dinner ready, she wanted to come in and be in the middle of the conversations. When we ate dinner, she wanted to sit at the table. When it was time for presents she was wide eyed and ready to go. Usually she is happy hanging back in the living room and away from everything. It was really cute to see her want to be involved this year. She was so excited with every present she opened too.

Most of my family was able to come in and enjoy the holidays with us. It would have been nice to have Tim’s family around too, but they are pretty far away. It was nice that most of his family was able to be together. We hope that everyone had a wonderful Christmas. Here’s to a happy, safe and healthy 2012.

We thought you all may enjoy some Christmas photos of our little princess.

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