More Details

It feels like we have been going non-stop all month. Last week was pretty busy. Casey started the week out with a bit of a tummy bug. She came down with it on Sunday and finally late Tuesday afternoon she seemed to be getting over it.

Casey’s AFOs were rubbing again and had to be readjusted. We took care of that Tuesday. The red mark we noticed over the previous weekend is still there. I hope that it goes away soon.

Casey had her 6 month follow-up with ortho last week. Overall it was okay. We are not changing anything in her treatment. However, we have noticed over the past couple of months that Casey’s arms have been getting much stiffer. The doctor reviewed the x-rays they took a few weeks back and confirmed that her left elbow is dislocated. He said Casey can still bend it with out pain, but if we were to rotate the joint it would hurt her. He did not seem very surprised. He was saying that he sees that happen with joints that are hyper-extended sometimes. If it starts to bother Casey we can opt to have it surgically repaired. As long as she is not in pain and it does not limit her ability to move then surgery is a bit much.

The wound clinic has changed up Casey’s ear treatment again. We were not getting the results they wanted from the previous treatments so now we are on an Iodine based treatment. We have to leave it on for a week. I hope that it helps. I guess we will know soon enough.

Casey had her flu shot and started music therapy last week too. It was a busy busy week. There is lots going on this week too. I will post later this week with more updates/details. Have a great week!

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