More Teeth

When Casey was about 9 months old she started to get a few teeth. However, shortly after they started to grow she got really sick. Her teeth stopped growing and have been pretty slow to start back up since. We learned from some of her doctors that the body will starve the teeth and mouth first when it needs to feed any other part of the body. We had never heard that before, but we can see that it is very accurate.

We have all finally gotten over the bugs from earlier this year. Casey has been doing really well with getting used to the new house and the new routine. She has finally started to put on some weight and she is taking a little more food. Over the past week she has been getting really fussy from time to time and has been spiking fevers and having a ton of secretions and drool. The past few days were getting really bad. Friday afternoon I was holding her and finally saw what all the fuss is about. Out of no where he teeth have finally started moving again. One on bottom is almost completely out that wasn’t there at all Thursday. She has about four others breaking through the gums as well. Now that we know why she has been so upset we have been walking around with teething pain reliever everywhere we go. It has made things so much easier. She still gets a little worked up, but she is doing good. As hard as it is on her, it is a very good thing.

She meets her eye doctor this week. Once we meet him we should be able to get her vision therapy restarted right away. I am looking forward to getting her VT going again. She was really responding to it before we moved.

The geek in me loves numbers. I was working on some of our taxes this weekend and I have been amazed at some of the interesting numbers I have come up with. Between the three of us we spent nearly 9 weeks in the hospital. Each of us had at least one stay. We had 201 appointments out of the house in 2007 and over 100 more therapies in the house for the year. We drove 1406 miles back and forth to Children’s Hospital alone. When you add all of the other doctors and hospitals including 2 trips to Mexico we drove a total of 3836 miles for medical reasons. Those numbers are crazy. This year we will have even more in home therapy sessions. Once we get VT started Casey will have at least 5 therapies a week. We are hopeful that the miles and total appointments is much smaller this year.

On a separate note, my mom and John were married yesterday. Congratulations to them both. The wedding was in St Thomas and I am sure it was beautiful. I spoke with my mom a few hours again and she sounded very happy. We wish we could have been there and wish them happiness in their new marriage.

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