My First Grader

Casey is officially a first grader now.  I can’t believe she is already done with kindergarten.  She is growing way to fast!  The last few months of school were tough.  Casey had a lot of medical issues (nothing serious) that made her miss school.  It seemed like we finally got back on schedule and then school was done.  Her last day went really well.  Casey was very excited and got all dressed up.  She picked out a dress, did her hair, she picked out a bunch of accessories (Casey is the queen of accessories) and she was ready to go.  She held her head high as she made her way to class.

When Casey got to class her teacher had all kinds of treats planned.  Casey got extra time in the princess tent (sensory area), they read stories, made pictures, all of Casey’s favorite things.  Her teacher sent her home with a basket full of art supplies too.  Enough to keep Casey busy for a while. Thanks to my addiction to Pinterest, I found a really cute teacher gift that even I (the craft challenged) was able to make.  Casey loves to give people presents.  I hope that her teacher liked it.

Before class ended there was a knock on the door.  The kindergarten class that Casey went to the library with wanted to tell her to have a good summer.  The way her nurse described it was pretty cute.  They all wanted to see Casey one more time before the end of the year.  My little social butterfly.

Casey has been having a rough time over the past few weeks.  She had an eye infection that really did not want to clear up.  It is not 100%, but finally looking better.  As soon as we were getting that under control she got an ear infection.  We took her in to see her ENT on Friday, and sure enough both of her ears are infected.  Usually it is just the left ear that has the cholesteotoma.  However, this time, the right ear is much worse.  We started drops and she is on another round of oral antibiotics as well (oral, but given through her gtube).  Antibiotics are so hard on her tummy. 

Other than her eyes and ears Casey has been doing pretty good.  She is excited about the summer.  She has a few birthday parties to go to this month.  She is loving being back in music therapy.  We just found a special needs dance program in our area that she is going to start in the Fall.  I am sure we will come up with some other fun things to do while she is out of school.

We hope that everyone is doing well.  Check back soon to hear about Casey’s summer adventures.

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