No More Ear Infection

We just got home from Casey’s ENT. He was very happy with her ear. The infection has cleared up nicely. He said that over all she is doing great. The cholesteoma is stable and the right ear is still doing well with out a tube. We have to stay on top of it (every 2-3 months we have to go back). I would much rather drag her up there every few months than put her through a huge surgery.

We sort of have Casey’s MRI scheduled. We are going to go up the morning of 5/27. We went back and forth a few times on where. One place said it was either full under (intubation, etc) or no sedation. Because of her age they said no sedation is not an option for her. We found another place that would do light sedation. However after I talked with them about all of Casey’s needs and all that good stuff they did not think light sedation was safe for her. I told them full sedation is not an option. The test is not worth that risk. The only other option is no sedation. They agreed to try it. We will head up there next Thursday and see how it goes. I plan to give her a little something before we head of so she may sleep. I just can’t count on that though. If it does not work out then I guess we just won’t get an MRI. There are other ways they can see her brain. The image may not be exactly what they want. If that is all we can do though, they will have to just figure it out.

We are very close to having the site updates/modifications ready to go. Check back in the next few days and hopefully they will be live. Until then, have a great rest of the week!

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