No Play Date :(

Casey and her friend had to reschedule yesterday evening play date. Isaiah had a running nose and started sneezing so we decided to play it safe and reschedule for another time.

It is actually kind of an interesting story – very small world. Last October we took Casey to a Halloween party for the ECI group at Easter Seals. While we were there we met a few kids. One that we remembered was dressed as Caesar. He was so cute and just learning to walk. We talked with his mom a little before we had to leave the party. Then a few weeks ago I got an email through the contact us link from a guy I used to go to school with. He told me about his son and sent me the link to his page. I replied back and told him that his story reminded me of the little boy from Halloween. Anyway, long story short, that little boy was his son. He was not at the party, just his wife. It really is a small world. Maybe next week we can try again.

Casey does not have much more going on this week. We are still waiting to meet some nurses to possibly/hopefully work out as Casey’s new primary day nurse. The end of this month is going to be here very quickly so we need to get that done.

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