Nursey Pics

So I searched and searched and finally found some pictures I liked enough to hang on the nursery walls. So I think it’s ready. I want to get one of the kits to make little hand and foot prints that I can then hang on the wall behind the glider, but other than that, the room is ready. Here are some pics…

The crib with Pooh & Tiger prints. We will probably change out the lightm but it will do for now.

Here is a picture of the glider, footstool and boppy. It’s late so it’s already dark, but there is a patio and big window next to chair that will make the room nice and bright.
In this pic you can see the dresser/changing table combo with Piglet & Eiore prints, as well as some extra storage and the diaper genie.
Hopefully this weekend I will have some time when the light is better and I can replace these with better pictures. We had an appointment on Friday. The baby is still bigger than average, but the doctor is not worried. The baby is the avergae size of a baby 2 weeks further along. We won’t know until later if the baby is further along, or just a big baby. Either way, I will be getting the epidural, so all is well.It’s kind of crazy. The baby stretches out a lot. Since it is so big when it does this we can see limbs sticking out of my sides and belly. The baby is still VERY active. Tim asked me tonight if the baby ever sleeps. I don’t think he/she sleeps much. Which in turn means I don’t sleep much. I’m not complaining though, I can tollerate some discomfort, I think it will be more than worth it at the end. I am getting a bit stressed out. With the lack of sleep, and the due date getting closer every day I am starting to freak out a little. I think I am ready to be a mom, and I know I am ready to see my baby. But I just don’t think I am ready for labor and delivery. Tim and I tour the hospital April 1st. Then we start birthing classes on April 4th. I am looking forward to both. We have our next appointments on the 4th & 18th too. From that point we move from biweekly to weekly. Things are going really well. Tim has been wonderful. He won’t let me do much anymore, but that’s okay. He and I can’t wait to meet Carter or Casey. It won’t be much longer now đŸ™‚

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