The Nursing Saga Continues

We have been training and working with 2 new nurses over the past month. Angela comes Wed-Fri then we have Ann Mon-Tue. Angela is the one I was really worried about. On her 3rd day she pulled out Casey’s gtube. I was so worried that she was not going to be worth keeping. She actually has turned out to be good. She is MUCH more careful now and has been doing a really good job. Ann started out great. I really thought Ann was going to be wonderful. I was way off on this one.

The situation with Ann is crazy. She started out great and every day that she is here she gets worse. I have never seen anything like this before. Most people get better at things the more time they spend doing it. Ann makes more mistakes and forgets things all time. I have to show her how to do the same things over and over and over again.

I have told her exactly how to position Casey to reduce leaking with her tube and keep her comfortable. She keeps doing what I have specifically told her NOT to do. The absolute worst positions for Casey. So of course, her tube is just a mess after Ann has been here. There has been 2 occasions this week that Casey has started to fuss, then built up to screaming in pain. Ann just sits there looking at her. When we step in and take her away. Ann is like “Oh, was that a bad sound?” She doesn’t seem to get it.

I feel like I have to spend more time watching her today than I did on her first day here. I need to be able to leave Casey in her nurse’s care without having to step back in every 5 minutes. I am going to call and get a new nurse for Monday and Tuesdays. We can not keep her.

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